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Social Responsibility in Indian Corporate Scenario

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. It is the favorite hotspot destination for the investors and thus, the need arises to look at India from an international perspective. The present social marketing concepts are changing constantly and have given rise to new phenomena called corporate social responsibility.

The corporate responsibility in India is all about building, implementing and evaluating the company’s social initiatives. CSR is one of the effective tools that synergises the efforts of corporate and the social sector agencies towards sustainable growth and development of social objectives. CSR is a process of managing the costs and benefits of business activity to both internal (employees, shareholders, investors) and external (community members, civil society groups, other enterprises) stakeholders. In Indian corporate scenario, social responsibility is becoming more visible with every passing day. With the growth in the business, it is equally important to build a trustworthy relationship with the community.

There are various law firms in India, which helps in the development of CSR. Every industry has a set of risks and opportunities in the CSR area. These firms provide proper assistance with these types of risks.

Companies that want to differentiate themselves in a competitive market, can’t ignore corporate citizenship reflected by ethical labour, environmental and social practices, etc. The concept of corporate responsibility in India has increased the number of social activities performed by organisations. CSR activities companies can do are:

Benefits of CSR

Role of Government

The Government has a major role in setting standards for social responsibility in areas such as environmental protection, health and safety and employment rights. It can also provide a policy and institutional framework that stimulates companies to raise their performance.

Government actions are essential in creating an enabling environment for private sector development that diminishes risks, lowers costs, reduces barriers of operation, and raises rewards and opportunities for competitive and responsible private enterprises.

Many of the leading organisations across India have realized the importance of being connected with social causes that offer them an opportunity to promote their brands. An organisation can exhibit a better image in the society if it cares for its employees and involve them in social activities.

Factors That Contribute To Truck Accidents

Being some of the largest vehicles, trucks are more likely to cause significant damages and injuries when involved in an accident with smaller vehicles. Because of the massive weight and size, when these trucks crash with a vehicle much smaller, the driver and the passengers of the smaller vehicle suffer serious injuries and even death. These large trucks, if not driven safely, may pose a great threat to the other vehicles on the road. That is why truck drivers need to be careful and abide by traffic rules when driving trucks. However, despite taking all the safety measures, trucking accidents still do occur. That is why legal practitioners and victims have to learn about the unique issues surrounding these accidents.

Since trucks are commercial vehicles, higher driving standards apply to truck drivers. Drivers need to be properly trained and they must possess the skills that are required for driving these vehicles. As far as the laws state, trucking companies need to obtain medical certificates from the applicants for making sure that they are healthy and physically and mentally fit for the job. Negligence is often the major cause of trucking accidents and when a driver or trucking company is found to be negligent, they may be held responsible for the accident.

A 2010 study done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reveals that trucking accident caused 3,413 deaths and 72% of which consisted of the drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicle. More often than not, these accidents are caused because of the fault or negligence of the driver or the trucking company. If you have been injured in a truck accident where the driver or the company was at fault, you will have the right to claim for compensation. If you are serious about receiving compensation, you would need to file a truck accident lawsuit.

Filing the truck accident personal injury claim will give you the opportunity to be compensated. Since the accident was not your fault and you had to suffer because someone else was too careless about their actions, you will be at a rightful place to take legal action against them. if you have decided to go through with the claim, you would need to hire a Texas truck accident attorney. Even though you can file the suit on your own, winning it may not be possible without the expert guidance of a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer only makes sure that you get a fair settlement.

TPS – Temporary Protected Status

US Federal Government has always extended help to foreign nationals in the US and non-immigrants at times of trouble, emergency or disaster. Apart from providing financial aids and other relief measures to those in need, the humanitarian gesture of the country is something that is definitely worth commendable. USCIS, the supreme authority for providing immigration and citizenship related services, takes the responsibility of providing various humanitarian programs and offers protection to those individuals who are in need. Some of the humanitarian benefits that are extended by the USCIS are

– Refugee or Asylum Status

– Protection to Battered Spouse, children and parents; victims of human trafficking

– Humanitarian Parole

– TPS- Temporary Protected Status

– Special immigrants This article will be an eye-opener to those who are not actually aware of what the TPS is all about it.

They might have been hearing, seeing a lot of that word in the USCIS site and immigration related news recently. So this will definitely enlighten those who want to be updated. TPS – Temporary Protected Status As per USCIS definition – “The Secretary of Homeland Security may designate a foreign country for TPS due to conditions in the country that temporarily prevent the country’s nationals from returning safely, or in certain circumstances, where the country is unable to handle the return of its nationals adequately.” Who will come under the TPS? Not everybody can get this help from the USCIS. Check whether you satisfy all of these requirements before applying for the temporary protected status.

– Should be a national of a country that is designated to this status by the USCIS or a habitual resident in that country without nationality.

– Should be able to establish the needed CPP – Continuously Physically Present in the US since the date on which your country was brought under the designated list.

– Should have been Continuously Residing (CR) in the US since the designated date Those who are applying for this should file in Form I -821 with the USCIS.

When will a country be designated under the TPS? A country may be placed under the designated country list for this status based on the conditions that may surface in the country on a temporary basis only.

– When there is an armed conflict such as civil war that is ongoing in the country

– When the country is ravaged by environmental disasters such as earthquake, hurricane or epidemic – Any other extraordinary and temporary conditions that is a threat to life in the country During this designated period, individuals who are placed under the TPS are not removable from the US, but may get a travel authorization. Additionally, they can obtain an EAD. They cannot be detained by the US Department of Homeland Security based on their immigration status once they have been placed under this status. One important fact about this status is that it is not a way to get permanent resident status or any other US immigration status. However, any individual applying for this status can also apply for non- immigrant status, adjustment of status (based on an immigrant petition) and any other immigration benefit ( if eligible) Countries that receive this benefit presently are El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Sudan and South Sudan. The TPS status for these countries is being extended from time- to -time so as to enable the applicants to re-register and get the benefits.