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Brief Information About Latvian Immigration Visa

Are you someone considering immigrating into Latvia and searching for Brief information about Latvian Immigration? With the advent of several immigration consultants who have launched their own websites, getting quality information has been made easy. Latvia, a beautiful country in the Baltic region of northern Europe is attracting a lot of people from all over the world due to its excellent business opportunities. The current low population figures and extremely low prices of real estate have made several investors move towards this region. This has fuelled the demand for consultants and other agencies who can guide in the Latvian immigration.

Although the entire details regarding immigration have been posted online by Latvian immigration authorities, to comprehend the meaning of all the documents in a systematic order is beyond the reach of most individuals. This is where the role of consultants is so important in providing proper guidance. They not only impart the necessary information in a simple manner but also provide valuable tips to make the process fast and easy. Many investors and people in search of new business opportunities have used the help of specialists in getting their immigration formalities completed in a fast and easy manner.

All those who intend to stay in Latvia must have a passport with at least 3 months of validity period still there beyond the period of stay. However EU/EEA and Swiss nationals will be allowed entry through their valid national identification card. Latvia has signed up a number of agreements with bordering countries and EU/EEA which allows for easy cross border movement. In fact this is another reason why immigrants are looking at Latvia with good prospects of business.

A few years back moving into Latvia for long term stay was a difficult task. With the current progressive policies of the Latvian Government the process of allowing entry to foreign nationals has been made simple and easy. This is because of the advent of global trade and the attracting foreign direct investment into the country. Several investors have already put in huge amounts into the county’s real estate sector and are gaining high returns.

A sizeable immigrant population is current there in Latvia. According to the latest statistics around 20% of the population comprises of foreign nationals. With the presence of several immigration consultants providing credible guidance this figure is likely to increase further. For Brief information about Latvian Immigration Visa using online sources is the best option as any changes in the rules and regulations are reflected in real time. Also most of the procedures and applications are forwarded in the online mode which makes all the more essential to take the services of professional immigration specialists.

It is important to have a background check on the consultants and advisors you have selected for the overall immigration process. A professional consultant in this regard is a must otherwise you end up staring at long delays and procedural problems. It is important to make a detailed online search on the consultants in and around your area. This will reveal a lot of insights into the professionalism of the particular company. Latvia has already become a hot destination for investors looking to set up new business establishments.

Lithuania Immigration Consultant in Mumbai

Baltic States, you must have heard of them. Here I will tell you about the largest Baltic state i.e. Lithuania. It is a place known for its natural beauty and the peace and adventure it offers. There is a town named Vilnius included in to UNESCO national heritage list. This is the prime and most stunning town in the central east Europe. Some of the sights you don’t want to miss in Vilnius are St. Anne’s Church, the Gates of Dawn, Pilies street, University campus, St Peter and Paul’s Church. After visiting all these places you should go to Trakai. It is an insular castle housing exhibition. It will tell you the stories of 17th and 18th century applied art, life lived by Lithuanian grand dukes, the Karaites. Then there is Kaunas, Kaunas is the second largest city in Lithuania which is 100kms from Vilnius.

A museum you simply cannot afford to miss ‘Rumsiskes Open-air ethnographic Museum. It an exclusive open-air museum, portraying traditions, architecture, crafts and the way of life of different ethnographic regions of the country in the 18-19th century. After visiting this awesome museum you can go on a sightseeing tour. The tour must include the Kaunas with its St George’s church, Theological seminary, castle ruins, the Town Hall Square, the Cathedral. You should also take a trip to Ciurlionis Art Museum.

After Kaunas you should go to Siauliai and then Klaipeda. The place worth visiting is hill of crosses near Siauliai. Now is the time to move to next largest city of Lithuania i.e. Klaipeda. This place is known for a historic resort and seaport. That’s not all the city have to offer, the other places are the Theatre square, Mazvydas sculpture at park and the statue of girl Ann from Tharau.

After all these places comes the biggest sand dune in Europe. It is definitely for the beach lovers of Mumbai but then this will be an entirely different and overwhelming experience for you. Then there is the Hill of Witches in Juodkrante, which pulls attention by its name only.

Then you might want to visit or live in well-liked sea resort i.e. Palanga. If you want to see Baltic Gold then Amber museum is your place. Then there are amiable views of Nemunas valley with three historic castles.

To do all this you need to enter visa and for visa you need to either rush from a place to another or hire an immigration consultant. An immigration consultant is the one who has proper knowledge of the immigration, visa approval rules and regulations. It is better to find an immigration consultant to a nearby place in your area only instead of in some other city.

So if you are living in Mumbai or nearby then you need Lithuania immigration consultant in Mumbai only. If you can find a reliable and experienced Lithuania visa immigration consultant in Mumbai then you are half way through visa approval process. But no immigration consultant can help you if you don’t qualify over the minimum eligibility criteria.

Terminating International Employees

Terminating jobs is the least favorite responsibility of any employer, and terminating jobs overseas requires a long drawn out process of documentation and information gathering prior to delivering the termination news. Your business can be adversely affected by hefty severance liabilities if gobal HR consulting professionals don’t plan ahead. Amongst the workforce, termination is often a dreaded thought that can cause anxiety and make them rebellious and create chaos and disturbance in the work environment.

Before hiring overseas, HR professionals should plan for terminations, as it can help in reducing the risk of eliciting claims on behalf of employees due to any unfair layoffs. When a company decides to layoff its employees at its international offices, it must take into account the factors that justify that the dismissal is fair without having to pay any severance compensation. The concept of “employment at will” is unique to the U.S., however, as the termination laws vary across the world from country to country, it is imperative to consider the regulations in an international business expansion and understand its implications.

Brazil Employee termination in Brazil, largely depends on whether the employer has ’cause’ to terminate. Typically, ’cause’ to terminate is limited to cases of gross misconduct and therefore excludes terminations because of poor performance or economic reasons. In the event of an employee being terminated, the balance of their FGTS is given to them. (FGTS – Fundo de Garantia do Tempo de Servico, a severance account funded by monthly employer contributions of 8 percent of salary or Brazilian pension fund). On the contrary, when a termination is “without cause”, the employer is required to pay a penalty payment equivalent of 50 percent of the FGTS balance (40 percent is paid to the employee and 10 percent is paid to the government), in addition to paying the FGTS balance.

Japan A doctrine of “abusive termination” is enforced in Japan, by virtue of its civil code. It outlines the reasons for termination that are deemed ‘fair.’ Although performance issues might be a ‘fair’ reason to terminate, the apparent burden is very high and a termination is seen as a last resort action. In most cases employees agree to resign on receipt of an inflated settlement payment as a unilateral termination is considered high risk.

China The PRC (People’s Republic of China) Labor Law stipulates the reasons when an employer is permitted to terminate. Unfortunately for reasons of performance the employer will have to substantiate that they have provided re-training or alternative posts. Even in conditions where the termination falls within the permitted reasons to terminate, the employer is expected to provide 30 days notice and a severance payment equivalent to one month average salary for each year of service (for periods of less than six months–half a month pay is used, and for periods more than 6 months the employee is deemed to have worked a full year). Note that for employees hired after January 1, 2008, the average monthly salary used to calculate the severance.

The Netherlands The Dutch system on employee terminations is unique in that it imposes prior controls on a dismissal. Any employer wanting to terminate an employee should either approach the Central Work and Income Organisation (CWI) for a permit or have the contract dissolved by the Cantonal Court prior to serving notice of termination on the employee. The CWI and Cantonal Court will assess the amount of severance payment to be paid to the employee based on the strength of case to terminate. Without performance improvement plans and written warnings for a poor performer or a weak set of financials for an economic termination (i.e. evidence of poor trading and inability to sustain current salaries) it is likely that the award will be sizeable. For an employee over the age of 50, this could amount to more than two times his or her annual salary.

To ensure that international expansion operations are devoid of hurdles and to minimize the risks involved, organizations need to acknowledge and understand the fine print on a country’s employee termination policies. It can help intercompany transfer pricing plan ahead and save on the heavy severance costs. Knowing the complexities around the disparate laws is not easy. In a company international expansion, methods of termination that govern businesses of different sizes in different countries is critical. Planning ahead and keeping track of changes in legislation makes a difference.