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Unfair Dismissal – An Overview

When you work for a company, you expect that the employer to treat you in all fairness. Biased approach because of any reason can happen to be highly demotivating. However, few people know that such unfairness or biased approach at work is unlawful too. If you believe that you have been unfairly dismissed from your job, you can file a claim to the employment tribunal.

According to the law, there are few fixed reasons for which an employer can dismiss an employee for that dismissal to be termed as fair.

These include:

If the conduct of the employee is not as per what was desired or the employee is not found to be capable enough for the job. This can also be considered if the employee has been dismissed because his / her qualification does not suit the job the employee’s job has become redundant. Over a period of time, an organization might feel that the role, which was earlier crucial, has now become outmoded. If this is the case, it would not fall under unfair dismissal.There is some other substantial reason which has enough backing to be justified as per law.

If none of the above reasons apply, the dismissal can be concluded to be unfair. There are many employment tribunal claims that are filed in UK and some of the other countries of the world, with regards to unfair dismissal. What one has to keep in mind though is the tribunal has to be absolutely certain about the fairness or otherwise of the dismissal. Given that the labour market is a dynamic field, it cannot always be judged by a few rules & regulations. The employers might sometimes come up with a reason which has not been documented in law. In that case, the tribunal has to make use of common knowledge to come to a conclusion.

There can be three types of dismissals which can fall under the scrutiny of the tribunal.

WRONGFUL DISMISSAL: As the name itself suggests, such dismissal is when the employer does not adhere to set norms or the contract that was signed while initiating the association. This happens to be a clear case of unfair dismissal and the employee can file a suit.

DISCRIMINATION: This is a case where the employee believes that his / her dismissal has been because of some kind of discrimination. This, again, can be termed as dismissal which is unfair.

CONSTRUCTIVE DISMISSAL: This is where the employee resigns from the company without serving the notice period on the grounds that the employer had not followed the contract or some other action which entitles such non serving of the notice period.

Head On Collisions – Not As Common, But The Most Dangerous

There are more than 5,000,000 car accidents in the U.S. every year. Head on accidents account for only two percent of these accidents, but they cause more than 10 percent of the fatalities. These types of car accidents typically involve serious injuries to the victims. If you were involved in a car accident and suffered serious personal injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. An experienced car accident attorney NYC can help you get the just compensation that you deserve for the injuries you have suffered.

Types of Head on Collisions

Head on accidents most commonly occur at intersections and on freeways. Freeway head on collisions are particularly dangerous because they involve vehicles operating at high speeds. Head on accidents at intersections may occur when drivers disobey traffic signals, such as red lights, stop signs or yield signs. Similar to the freeway accidents, head on accidents as a result of running red lights are also extremely dangerous and involve severe injuries due to the high speeds. In general, high-speed accidents are more dangerous than head on accidents involving lower speeds. But regardless of which type of head on accident you were involved in and the speeds at which the vehicles were traveling, you should contact a car accident lawyer New York to help you get the compensation to which you are entitled.

Resulting Injuries

Injuries sustained from head on collisions include:

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Role of Business Immigration Lawyers!

Immigration law is a specialization that works for different types of clients, seeking immigration help, by government prosecutors, international corporations, and asylum-seeking immigrants. The purpose of various immigration (imgtn) firms is to simply the process of immigration and keep applicants away from several kinds of hurdles of complex immigration law.

Immigration legal representatives provide legal counsel to potential immigrants surrounded with a wide range of matters like obtaining visas, getting visas for businesses, obtaining non-immigrant visas and others to legitimately entering to the country. Immigration lawyers in NYC may be in private practice or provide services as a part of an international law form.

With the globalization of the U.S. economy, capital and investment movements, trade and transactions, the dissemination of knowledge, and migration of people are also boosted up. Moreover, many business organizations have an increasing need to bring capable and skillful foreign national professionals, executives, managers, investors, and performing artists to the USA. On the other hand, nobody would want to lose the chance to work and live in the land of open culture and wide opportunities, the US.

But business imgtn also has a wide range of issues such as job providers, who wish to bring foreign natives to work for their companies and sponsor them for permanent residence, transferring a business, inter-company transfers, filing appeals and documentation with state, federal, and local authorities.

A well-experienced and expert business imgtn attorney helps to address several kinds of legal matters related to international employment – both for employers and employees. However, many of these business immigration problems such as temporary work visa are common and short-term transactions, but other issues require considerable amount of time and patience to successfully go through them. In such difficult situations, an effective immigration legal representative must be there to closely analyze the various aspects of the case so that applicant can start work in his/her dream nation as soon as possible.

Comprehensive services of business immigration lawyers include: