A Swerve Out of Control Deserves a Turn for the Better-Your High Point DWI Attorney

Because, thankfully, many of us have never had to face an accusation of DWI, we can, with blissful ignorance, assume that when we hear a media account of a DWI arrest, the law enforcement agencies involved had good reason to so charge the driver. However, we first should consider the case of an area school principal who was charged with DUI after having crashed into a guardrail. If you, like this individual, have been charged with DUI, you should secure the expert legal advocacy of a High Point DWI attorney.

Media sources report that the principal in question maintains that he was swerving to avoid another vehicle that cut him off and that police, without warrant, concluded that he was DUI. At this point, we do not know whether a sobriety test was conducted, whether the driver was disoriented due to some form of inebriation or to his injuries sustained during the accident, or where the driver had been before the accident. Why? His adept and seasoned legal team has made sure that all his options are kept open without a bias being held against him.

Only the most qualified and savvy High Point DWI attorney can provide you such advocacy. Your team of legal professionals know North Carolina DUI laws inside and out. And they know how to adroitly guide you through the legal obstacle course through which law enforcement and the prosecution will attempt to run you. The best High Point DWI attorney for you consists of a task force of legal experts who themselves formerly prosecuted the toughest DUI cases. Their volumes of experience poise them to know just what will stick in a DUI case.

Further, they understand all the criteria that police-conducted sobriety tests must meet in order to pass the muster of the law. It’s not just that you were apprehended for DUI, but more importantly, how you were determined to be so, how you were so informed, and how you were arrested. For example, in a case like that of the principal, an effective High Point DWI attorney would inspect thoroughly the role that any injuries sustained in the accident themselves contributed to an impairment that police interpreted as DUI.

Weathering a charge of any kind is a stressful ordeal. With the unwanted associations clinging to DUI charges, the potential for public shame and humiliation is multiplied, especially if, akin to the principal’s situation, your job and the integrity of your loved ones could be damaged. Again, an expert High Point DWI attorney team knows how to keep at bay all this drama in order that you might pursue your life during this unnerving time, even enabling you to maintain driving privileges while your case is being processed. Professional, astute, and calming. These are the attributes that recommend the best High Point DWI attorney to defend you.

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