Personal Injury

Truck Accidents Caused By Drivers’ Negligence

The collision with a giant vehicle such as a truck or other commercial vehicle can be a horrific experience from the injuries point of view. One can’t imagine the damages cause by such vehicle. If the large truck collides with a smaller vehicle the result can be more devastating especially with a car driver, pedestrian or bicyclist. Such accidents result in major brain injuries, back and spinal injuries, amputations or many types of disabilities.

There are some rules and regulation formed by the state government for the maintenance of the commercial trucks so that the trucks can be safe for the on goers. There can be many reasons for the accidents like drivers on the wheels got a nap, lane changing without indicator or talking on the phone etc.

If the same accident happens with you, you find yourself in a perplexed situation with countless questions hovering in your mind such as how will you cope up with the situation, who will pay your steadily increasing medicalbills, if I am eligible to file a case, how will I get a personal lawyer to represent my case, how will I run my family and so on.

These questions can leave anyone confused and misguided. You can’t expect that responsible person will admit his mistake and compensate you for his negligence. In this situation you may need an experienced Truck Accidents Attorney who can take you out from these circumstances and will fight to get you fair compensation you deserve. In the situation the insurance adjuster can lure you by making promises to get you best compensation don’t fall with these persuasions and don’t sign any papers without contacting a personal injury lawyer.

The lawyers at Kenneth A Wilhelm understands that some loses are beyond of fulfillment yet the lawyers at the firm try their best to retain your life back to the normal. Lawyers at the law firm are very competent and have years of experience to handle cases like these. New York Truck Accident Attorney handles each and every case uncompromisingly and delicately. The attorney will directand suggest you whether you need a personal lawyer or simply need advice the lawyers at Kenneth A Wilhelm are always present to help you.

Quite possible Without the help of a personal injury attorney you may not appropriately compensated for your injuries and lossesand in the searching process of a competent personal lawyer you came across with many options but Truck Accident Lawyer New York has years of experience and a track record of success. We make sure your case will go in right direction and we constantly inform the victims about the progress of the case. Moreover our lawyers don’t charge any fees until the jury doesn’t givebest results in your favour.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident, the experienced New York Truck Accident Attorney at the Law offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm can help you better understand your legal rights and options. Please contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800 WORK-4-YOU (1-800-967-5496). We can also help with personal injury cases in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, or Florida. If you have been seriously injured in any of the 50 U.S. states, please call us and we will try to help you with your case.

Defense Against Oilfield Injuries and Personal Injury

The oil industry is booming with excessive demand. Oil drives the world’s industries and without it, industry cannot thrive and people cannot receive the goods they demand. Since the oil business is booming, more people are working in oilfields, especially in Oklahoma. However, the oil business is not a safe one by any means.

The risks of the oil business:

-Toxins: retrieving oil from the ground doesn’t come without a price. Every day workers are subject to dangerous toxins coming from the oil itself along with other chemicals and smoke from machinery. Ingesting such toxins over a long period of time will damage a person’s health, especially if the oil company is not taking serious precautions to eliminate such toxins from reaching workers.

-Machinery: operating heavy machinery on oilfield sites requires tremendous skill and knowledge. Although training is required for operation, safety is not always ensured. Workers are subject to serious injury when heavy-duty machinery is used. At any moment, machinery can malfunction or break down, putting lives in jeopardy.

-Inadequate Training: since business is booming, oil companies are rushing into areas without properly educating workers on how to be safe on the job. Less training leads to more accidents and more injuries.

How to manage the risks and take action: While risk is part of the job and oilfield workers understand the implications that does not mean employers are allowed to let conditions worsen or reach a dangerous of level of hurting people.

If employers have not ensured precautions or safety regulations, then legal action is a necessary route for people who have been injured due to oilfield work. Depending on contracts signed and what they employer is liable for, workers can take legal action against employers who did not honor employee safety and neglected the conditions of employees. While the work is risky, employers are not allowed to harm workers because of negligence.

If injury has occurred because of negligence, then Joe Carson is prepared to offer legal counsel and action in Oklahoma. With tremendous experience in personal injury cases, Joe Carson will provide the very best in personal injury law in Oklahoma, especially with oilfield injuries. Don’t let time go by and let employers rob you of your wellbeing. Understand the risks you are taking to work in that business but also understand the level of security you demand from employer. If you have been wronged, then it’s time to take necessary legal action to receive a settlement and the compensation you deserve, and Joe Carson is prepared to help.

Perennial Don’ts California Drivers Almost Always Forget

Certain traffic laws are so simple that they are easily forgotten and broken by drivers. However, the utter simplicity of some traffic laws does not warrant motorists not to take them seriously.

Accordingly, drivers who think that simple traffic rules do not provide them any benefit and curtails their right to drive based on their preference should think again. Rules are implemented for various reasons, and drivers’ safety is on the top list.

Los Angeles accident attorneys point out that some California drivers need to be reminded of their obligations while on the road for them to practice safety and responsibility. According to California Driver Handbook 2009, the following are simple don’ts for drivers so that they can avoid causing and getting involved in accidents:

– Do not dump or abandon animals on a highway. This crime is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000.00, six months in jail, or both.

– Do not operate a cell phone without the use of a hands-free device.

– Do not drive a motor vehicle while using a wireless communications device to write, send, or read text-based communications.

– Do not wear a headset over or earplugs in, both your ears.

– Do not drive a vehicle so loaded, either with property or people, that you cannot control it, see ahead, or to the sides of your vehicle.

– Do not carry anything in or on a passenger vehicle which extends beyond the fenders on the left side or more than six inches beyond the fenders on the right side. Cargo extending more than four feet from the back of the vehicle must display a 12-inch red or fluorescent orange square flag or two red lights at night.

– Do not allow anyone to ride on any part of your vehicle not intended for passengers.

– Do not allow anyone to ride in the trunk of your vehicle. Convictions will result in penalties for both the driver and the person(s) riding in the trunk.

– Do not allow a person to ride in the back of a pickup or other truck unless the vehicle is equipped with seats and the person uses both the seat and a safety belt.

– Do not wear eyeglasses with temples wide enough to keep you from seeing clearly to the sides.

– Do not drive a vehicle equipped with a video monitor, especially if the monitor is visible to the driver and displays anything other than vehicle information or global mapping displays.