Personal Injury

Hire Trustworthy And Experienced Solicitors in Ireland to Handle Personal Injury Claims Cases

Road accidents can happen anytime. Sometimes the person who is driving may get injured or his co-passengers. It may happen that the pedestrian also gets hurt. If you have suffered injury or loss because of the fault of the other party then you can seek legal advice about how to bring a claim for such damages.

Personal injuries are of different types. It may happen on road, at your workplace, inside a shopping mall or even while travelling abroad. If you do want to proceed with the claim then you should seek advice promptly. As per Ireland law, legal proceedings must be issued within a period of two years from the date of the incident. The rule varies for minors and handicapped persons. There are competent solicitors in Ireland who can guide you in this regard.

When it is about road traffic accident the Gardai gets involved only if there is serious injury. The Gardai report helps in the claims process. If you are involved it RTA and feel that it is not your fault, then you need to take down few details like the other vehicles’ registration number, the driver’s name and insurance details, place and time of accident, etc. These details are needed to be provided to the solicitor for case assessment. Depending on the severity of the accident, you are entitled to demand compensation for injuries you have received and your ongoing pain and suffering. The compensation is also offered for damage and loss of use of your car, loss of earnings, hospital, medical, travel expenses and any other miscellaneous expense.

When it is about sustaining injury at workplace, you can also claim for compensation. It is the duty of the employer to provide a safe workplace with every facility. So, if any employee gets injured because of unsafe workplace condition then he should be compensated properly. The compensation amount usually covers entire medical expenses, travel expenses, any loss of earnings along with other related expenses. By consulting solicitors in Ireland you will be able to know how to methodically proceed with the claim.

To begin with the solicitor carries out a case assessment to find out if his client really stands good chance of receiving compensation. If the solicitor feels that the client’s case is weak and not worth proceeding then he may suggest not to proceed further. The good news is that the solicitor doesn’t charge anything for this case analysis. Now, if the case assessment suggests that the claim is worth proceeding then the solicitor helps in filing the case with the Injuries Board. It is the Injuries Board which assesses all types of personal injury claims cases and decides the compensation for victims. The assessment is done based on information and medical evidence provided by the victim. The board may or may not sanction the entire amount as claimed.

If the victim doesn’t feel happy with the sanctioned amount then he can take the case further and make an appeal to the higher Court. Solicitors in Ireland also help in personal injury litigation process. Prior to hiring any particular solicitor, make sure that you have gathered enough information on his modus operandi and scope of work.

Your Whiplash Injury Compensation Amount Might Differ From Someone Else’s!

Victims of accidents and mishaps deem that they can claim any amount of compensation that they want if they are not liable for the mishap. The UK law system has the legal system, which empowers the causalities of reckless accidents to file for recompense, but that does not mean that they can claim for anything and everything.

Most of the time, it’s the victims of whiplash injury who deem that they can seek anything in lieu of the damage done to them. But, that’s not true. Though the symptoms of these injuries might some time take longer to appear and heal, yet that doesn’t mean that anything can be claimed for. It is, therefore, important for the plaintiff to know that even the damage and wound looks similar, the compensation amount differs depending on various factors.

The aftermath of claiming for less is obvious; however, if you claim for more than you are entitled to, then that might just spoil your case. The court can deem that you have no knowledge as to what you injury and case is worth might award you with a lesser recompense. In other cases, you might consider that your neck wound is not that serious and you might agree for a lesser compensation in an out-of-court settlement. Thus, it is important that before you go ahead and take any decision about your recompense, seek advice of an expert who will let you know about the standing of your case and will also give you a clear picture as to how much can you claim for.

Along with the legal assistance, it is also vital that you know that you might not be eligible for same compensation, like someone else who has endured similar soft-tissue or neck injure. The recompense you get will depend on several factors ranging from its sternness to the impact it has had on your life. The court will also take into consideration the situations in which the mishap happened and affected you.

Depending on all these and some other pertinent factors, the court will award you the recompense. You can seek recompense for both general and special damages caused by the whiplash injury. The recompense for general damages encompasses the recompense for the physical harm and physiological effect of the mishap. Special damages, on the other hand, comprise of the fiscal loss caused due to the mishap. Once you seek services of an attorney, he will help you with all these details and will help you get what you rightfully deserve.

Been In an Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault? Contact a Vehicle Defect Lawyer Today!

Although modern automobiles are safer than they’ve ever been, massive manufacturer recalls are not at all uncommon. In April of 2013, four major Japanese automakers, including Nissan and Toyota, recalled 3.4 million passenger vehicles because they had defective airbags that caught fire once engaged. Fortunately, no deaths or even injuries have been attributed to these faulty airbags. But as carmakers have learned in recent years, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

An automotive defect that results in death or permanent injuries can produce huge class action lawsuit that can cost a company hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars. The world’s largest automaker, Toyota, only recently announced that it had resolved a slew of lawsuit alleging “unintended acceleration” for $1.1 billion!

Huge recalls not only hurt the bottom line, they also attract unwanted attention and bad publicity, which can actually be more costly to an automaker in the long run. Though they have retained their title as the biggest automaker on Earth, Toyota has suffered public relations disaster after disaster in recent years, in spite of the fact that the defects they were responsible for did not result in much loss of life. You can only imagine then how much smaller automakers that had more serious, potentially fatal defects would fare in the courts. Of course, that does not mean that these cases are always a slam dunk.

Automotive defect cases are extremely complex and enormously expensive. A vehicle defect lawyer must demonstrate that a specific manufacturing error resulted in injury and/or loss to his plaintiff. To do so, he/she must order a series of automotive tests that rule out any other reasonable cause, including driver error, weather, and maintenance. For example, if you skid into a tree and are injured in an accident because your tires were bald or worn out, that is not the manufacturer’s fault. Only collisions that are the direct result of a specific defect that was present when the car or truck left the factory floor can be claimed.

Common Cases

By federal law, all cars and trucks that are sold in America must meet basic safety standards. Carmakers are also required to take necessary and reasonable precautions in the development and design of their vehicles. In most cases that are attributed to a vehicle defect, the driver and his passengers had no prior knowledge that anything was wrong with the car or truck. It is only after they consult a specialist, typically an automotive engineer, that they learn a defect was to blame for their accident and injuries.

In most cases, the defective part is actually a safety device, such as an airbag, seatbelt, or bumper. Faulty tires are also quite common and can result in rollovers, slippage, and hydroplaning. Because these cases are quite complex, only a small fraction of personal injury attorney have the experience needed even to investigate them, let alone bring them to court.

In addition to being a skilled litigator, a good vehicle defect lawyer often has a background in science, or at least knows how to work with forensic experts. After all, these cases are based almost entirely on scientific evidence. The forensic scientist and the automotive engineer often work together to recreate the scene of the accident, which can help establish legal liability. What does the vehicle defect lawyer do?

He/she doesn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes, but the attorney must know how to examine forensic reports and how to interview experts. These are skills that few fraud attorneys and personal injury lawyers possess, since they take years to hone.