Could It Have Been Prevented?

This is a real life story from the author of this article on why employee drug testing is so important: When I was fourteen years old, my dad used to work as an alternative therapist in the same office building as a highly successful chiropractor and two massage therapists. The chiropractor had his own store front, with a receptionist and the works, and during his business hours, I used to visit with Angela, the front desk receptionist, while she received patients, signed them in, and printed off their progress charts and insurance information.

Angela, was early middle aged with a husband and two children, was very pleasant and all of the chiropractor’s patients loved her and were loyal to her for up to four years after her dismissal. She and I were good friends, and we would often talk about what was going on in our lives.

Occasionally, I would see Angela take cash money from envelopes that clients would give her, and put some of the money into the chiropractor’s account and some of the money into her own purse. I didn’t understand how she ran the office and I knew nothing and I was only fourteen years old, so I just watched and never said anything about it.

During a two week absence for being sick, Angela left the office and the chiropractor’s wife, Phoebe, ran the front office and supervised the back office. Phoebe is really savvy with numbers and understood all of the accounts, and she quickly noticed that her husband did not have all of the money which patients had been paying to him over the years. Yes, Angela had been employed for years by this time. After approximately four months of investigation and tracking Angela’s behavior, the chiropractor and his wife determined that she had been stealing from him for the full term of her employment, to the tune of six figures total. She also regularly did small-time drugs, and covered her tracks relatively well. Could this have been prevented?

In your business operations, it is important to treat people well and with human kindness, and it is also important to look at and keep track of the numbers. Neglecting either side of this equation can result in disgruntled clients or employees and it can result in allowing yourself to be defrauded or manipulated financially. This is why drug testing is so successful. The numbers of Screening tests simply do not lie, even if everything else does.

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