Going to See a Firm of Family Lawyers Wirral

Last month I had to go with a friend to see a firm of family lawyers, Wirral. There are many lawyers Wirral can be proud of and the firm that we went to see were one of the best. The guy which we had an appointment with was one of those people to whom you can instantly open up to and feel confident that he could help you. He was a small man with a beard and glasses. If you looked at him outside of the office, you could probably guess that he was a solicitor just by his mannerisms and attitude.

His office was at the top of a flight a stairs which were narrow and winding, and the thought that came to my mind was that if he was as good as we had heard, he should have a larger and better office to see clients in. Upon meeting him, I understood why he had come so highly recommended. His manner was open and honest and not at all the way that I had heard about lawyers being shifty. The advice that he gave was straight to the point and did not gloss over the difficulties which would have to be faced by my friend.

The lawyer explained all the details about the case and was tactful as well as seeming to actually care about the client’s problems. I left the office feeling that my friend was in good hands and that the case would go in her favour. It later turned out that it did and she was very happy to have won, even though it was a sad situation. When it comes to matters of custody and divorce, there are no real winners, only degrees of losing.

In order to become a solicitor, you will need to have certain qualifications. To get a law degree, it will take three years for a law graduate, 4 years for a non-law graduate and six years for a non -graduate. You may wonder about the way that you can become a lawyer, without being a law graduate, well the thing is that you can do a conversion course, where if you have other qualifications, then you can do this course to study law.

Being a lawyer is hard work and at first the pay is not too great. You will have to sit for a number of exams and have an apprenticeship with a law firm for a couple of years. The hours are long and there is a lot of stress, but you get to have the feeling that you are helping people who have come to you for advice. The lawyer that I met in the firm of family lawyers, Wirral had files piled high on every available service, even on the stairs, leading to his office. Looking at this, you may think that he is overworked and probably underpaid, but he came across as very satisfied with his job and I know that he makes a difference.

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