Immigration to Denmark – Visa Options And Requirements

Though Denmark is small in size, but the country has remarkable influence all over the world. In very short duration of time, the country has grown its modern economy and has widespread welfare system. Migration is not a bad idea for people aspiring to settle abroad.

Why should one settle in Denmark?

Immigration can be interesting and beneficial, because Denmark is a country where you can find everything. Climate is always mild. It has attractive tourist points, sparkling towns, medieval palaces, beautiful rural countryside, beaches and many more wonderful places. The country not only attracts tourists but also provides many job opportunities to the skilled professionals and workers.

Apply for Denmark green card and migrate to Denmark to experience its beauty.

Danish Green Card/Denmark green card

If you are looking for Denmark immigration then you need an entry pass to the country i.e. Denmark Green Card (Danish Green Card). The green card system is a point base system requiring the applicant to earn at least 100 points. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will get your visa in 6-12 months of your application. The green card visa permit is for 3 years. A continuous stay of 4 years in the nation will make you eligible for PR. The Green Card can be extended accordingly.

The eligibility criteria of an applicant are evaluated through the point’s calculator. The immigration consultants evaluate age, qualification and work experience of the applicant with the help of green card point’s calculator. You can score 100 points if you qualify on the following factors:

The applicant is eligible under the green card scheme if he/she meets all the above mentioned requirements. Also, bonus points can be earned on certain factors like education qualification from world’s top university etc.

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