Run a Background Check For Criminal Records on People Welcome in Your Home

When you invite someone into your home, it is an expression of trust. Unfortunately, even a long time relationship does not guarantee that an individual is worthy of your trust. Before you ask a neighbor to house sit or for a fellow PTA mom to drop your kids off after soccer practice, make sure they are worthy of that trust. A background check for criminal records can help you to ensure that the people you allow into your life are not simply waiting to take advantage. Of course, there is other information that might impact your decision to allow a friend to drive, but does not impact your friendship directly. Getting the information available on a background check for criminal records lets you make decisions with all of the cards on the table.

Before asking a friend to drive, you will want to make sure that they do not have anything on their records related to a Driving Under the Influence charge or Driving While Intoxicated. Any charges related to vehicular manslaughter are also serious enough to make you think twice before putting your children in a car that someone else is driving. It can also make you think twice before getting in the car yourself. If you know that a friend has some criminal items related to vehicular operation on their record, you might want to arrange to meet them at any location rather than car pool. Plus, depending on them for designated driver services might not be the wisest idea. Keeping information on past driving convictions a secret is not really a breach of trust, unless you think to ask directly. Instead, it shows a perfectly valid desire for privacy.

You might be concerned about violating another person’s privacy with a background check for criminal records, but you have a right to protect yourself and your family. It is not a violation of privacy to access publicly available information. Since the information is not protected, anyone can gain access. However, it is difficult to obtain all of the needed records on your own. When you retain a service to perform a background check for criminal records, you get all of the information you need in one convenient place. Of course, you can get additional information as well. You are not limited to only a background check for criminal records, you can also have a complete driving record run. You will need to determine for yourself the line between invasion of privacy and reasonable information gathering. The level of trust you place in the person may be part of the deciding factor. The more you are prepared to trust someone, the more information you need to make a good decision.

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