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What Happens When You File an Injury Claim After a Motorcycle Accident?

Encountering with a motorcycle accident can be one of the most frightening and harrowing experiences a person can face. While motorcycle safety has evolved over the past decades, riders understand that they are always more prone to injury than the average motorist and often go unnoticed in blind spots, as drivers tend to shift lanes without seeing a motorcycle in the rear-view mirror. A motorcycle accident lawyer in New York helps you to overcome your recent accident by achieving the just compensation you deserve.

If you are considering filing a personal injury case for your recent motorcycle accident, the first step is to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in New York to evaluate your claim. This is the initial consultation which is to introduce the attorney and potential client as well as to gather all essential facts of the case before filing a case and summons.

Evaluation of Your Injuries

Your motorcycle accident lawyer in New York will enquire the grievance of your physical injuries and the emotional trauma, as well as your ability to return to work. If you are seeking disability, your attorney can help you with that as well. If the accused party is adamant not to give compensation, the lawyers will file a complaint and summons on your behalf. Having an attorney on your side is one of the most important steps you can take after you’ve been injured in an accident. Motorcycle accident lawyers in New York deals with the clients with the utmost sincerity and sensitivity, and gives each client and case the individual attention they deserve and also fightfor right compensationthat you deserve for your injuries.

Discovery Process

From there, both plaintiff and defendant will embark on the discovery process- a process which involves gathering all pertinent evidence in preparation for trial or settlement. The discovery process will involve the collection of medical bills, tax receipts (to determine the appropriate amount of your lost wages), and accident and police reports. Following the discovery period, the lawyer tries to settle the case out of the court if they find it in your favor, otherwise continue to a trial for a jury to decide it.

We Can Help

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, the experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer New York at the Law offices of Kenneth A. Wilhelm can help you better understand your legal rights and options.

What a Car Accident Attorney Can Do For You

As much as we like to have things under control, sometimes it all just goes wrong. Car accidents are one of those times in Houston, TX where we could all do with some help to see us through the turbulent times they bring. Depending on the seriousness of the accident, it can be quite tempting to take the first offer made by insurance companies and move on. The problem is that you may be leaving yourself out of pocket. Worse – if the accident occurred as a result of negligence, or the other person wasn’t insured, you can end up out of pocket through no fault of your own. Houston sees a lot of busy traffic, so you must be aware at all times while you are driving and that sometimes accidents become inevitable. The battle for a fair result can seem something of an uphill struggle, but help is at hand.

Why Use Us?

Look and you will find some of the best car accident attorneys available in Houston, TX. Fully qualified and experienced in dealing with the wide range of incidents seen in Houston on a regular basis, they specialize in settling the majority of cases before they even get to court. No matter the vehicle or circumstance, they have the experience to get the results you need. Your satisfaction is their prime concern, so the minute they have confirmed that they are working for you, you can relax. They will work hard to make sure that your claim is accurately and properly processed. As experienced professionals, they handle everything on your behalf so that you do not have to: from submitting your paperwork to chasing up insurance companies.

The Advice You Need, When You Need It

Call a Houston car accident attorney and ask for a free telephone consultation. If you agree that you can work together, they will help guide you through the minefield of potential pitfalls that awaits you. It’s very easy to forget that the insurance company is not on your side, and there are a number of common tactics that they can help you sidestep. They will not only negotiate on your behalf, but they will be on call whenever you need.

They will advise you on any offers made, or on requests for statements or authorizations. Your rights are precious, and it is all too easy to sign them away, or lose them through time constraints or delay. It’s perfectly normal to be shaken in the aftermath of an accident in Houston, so don’t worry about checking with they for clarification. They are here to help you and fight your corner.

No Win, No Fee

They also usually work on a contingent fee basis – meaning that their fees are based on a percentage of any money awarded or agreed in settlement, when your case is concluded satisfactorily. The advances used by these companies to prove the truth of what happened are only charged if you are successful. If there’s no money collected, then you pay nothing. It is that simple. Their fees are tailored to you and their services are focused on getting you the right result, the first time.

They can put you straight in touch with a car accident attorneys with experience in dealing with all the issues around your accident. Call one of them today and get a dedicated fighter in your corner.

How to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Everyone who possesses a motorcycle must have met with some sort of accident some time or other. It is an experience for each person but sometimes it can cause a lot of psychological stress upon the person. Many of such people do not want to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer as they totally depend upon their insurance policy and its coverage. It is not the case every time you need to hire a qualified lawyer in order to get maximum benefit from your insurance company. A lawyer can represent your case in an effective way so as to get protected when he is dealing with the allegations of the fault side insurance company.

In case of a motorcycle accident one should immediately call for medical assistance to avoid any serious results. Sometimes the minor injuries that seem to be of little pain can tend to cause more pain afterwards. It is always necessary to protect your own health and life before thinking about anything else. Nothing in this world is more precious than your own life and well being. Dealing with the personal injuries along with the court ordeals is not an easy job you will indeed need an expert lawyer who can defend your case effectively.

Mostly people have perception that they don’t require an attorney if they have full coverage insurance for their motorcycle. An attorney will prepare your case with proper documentation and records of witnesses who were present at the time of accident. If you will not hire a professional lawyer then chances are that you will be proved at fault for the accident. In cases where the party at fault admits that he is guilty and even judge passed his decision the insurance company of fault party will still try to prove you guilty. These companies can give their heart and soul to make their profit anyhow.

Therefore you will surely need an experienced and professional accident lawyer who can aggressively win your case. There are some factors that one must consider before hiring a lawyer. Go through the past records of the attorney to get into the details of his work. Make sure to go to the lawyer who has maximum number of case wins on his side. He should have sufficient experience in handling the accident cases. If the lawyer is himself a bike rider then you will get more as he will be well aware of each part and technicality of riding a motorcycle. Searching a right attorney is not an easy task.

You will have to make research on various forums and internet to get more information about a particular lawyer. Local people can also provide you sufficient feedback about the person and his work. His previous clients can give you a fair idea about his style of working. Make sure to ask the lawyer about number of cases he has fought and won. This information can be quite fruitful for you to hire him for your accident case. Make your choice wisely.