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Why Choose Shah Peerally Law Group

If you are facing immigration problems and not quite sure about what you should do, may we suggest that you check us out? There are of course plenty of law firms in San Francisco, Bay area, and many of them competent too, so why should you choose Shah Peerally Law Group? The reason for this is the Shah Peerally Law Group unlike many others, is a law firm with a slight difference. The group is a law firm that wants to help immigrants understand their rights and helps them in the process of living a peaceful life. It is a law firm that has a conscience motivated by looking out for immigrants who come to America with a dream that may have been shattered due to various reasons. We may not be the largest of immigration firms, but we have made that our USP.

The Shah Peerally Law group combines the best of both worlds; we give you the personalized attention that most huge law firms do not. Also being a relatively smaller organization we take a personal interest in our clients and are as a result not overtly occupied by bureaucracy. Our mode of working is in keeping in mind the problems of the client and we tend to adapt quickly to your needs to suit our working style. Our group has attracted the best of minds in the profession and as a result you will find specialized services with us in all aspects of Immigration help that an individual might require.

Some of the areas where Shah Peerally Law Group can help you out in immigration are-

At Shah Peerally Law Group, we believe genuinely in justice and compassion towards our clients and our goals are more long term motivated towards a problem free environment in immigration. Working towards this end, the group also has diversified into various other forms of public interaction in order to keep ourselves and the public aware of immigration related legal and social problems.

Apart from dealing with almost every area of immigration problems, we also work on providing help with other Visas, such as visas for Students at Academic Institutions, Business or Tourist Visas, Exchange Visitors – Home Residency Waivers, Criminal Victims , Political Asylum Seekers, etc.

One of the biggest advantages that any client has at the Shah Peerally Law Group is that our services come at reasonable rates and yet we give you the best of professionals in each field. Our attorneys come from the best of backgrounds and are people receptive. The Shah Peerally Law Group success rate with loyal clientele as a specialized law group with vast experience is enough to convince you of our sincere efforts to help out each client with a personalized approach.

How to Choose a Best Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Being prosecuted for a criminal case and serving time in prison is something that most people try to avoid. But sometimes you might find yourself in a fix where you, knowingly or unknowingly, get involved in a criminal case and the situation looks pretty bad for you. It is in these situations that you feel the need for a good and experienced criminal defense attorney. Being a common person, you may not be knowing all the legal aspects of your case. But the criminal defense attorney, with his experience and knowledge of the legal system can find out certain loopholes in the case and thus save you from serving time in jail or in the least, reduce your sentence. Hence, having a good criminal defense attorney Las Vegas can save you a lot of trouble and distress.

Criminal lawsuits can cover a wide range of cases. Starting from the very basic traffic violation and cases of juvenile crime to the more serious charges of white collar crimes, drug cases or accidents, all of them come under the category of criminal cases. Hence, a good criminal defense attorney Las Vegas should not be focused and specialized in a particular field but rather have an over-all knowledge about criminal cases and their technicalities. Now, here are a few points that you need to consider before choosing your criminal defense attorney Las Vegas. the first thing that you should look for in a criminal defense attorney is his experience in criminal law in terms courtroom hours and the number of successful cases that he has fought.

The more experienced a lawyer, the better is the chance that he can successfully defend you as well. Most criminal lawyers do not charge you their fees at first before they are completely debriefed about your situation. Hence, you should first seek a consultation and talk to the attorney freely about your cases and be truthful about the extent of your involvement. You should also inquire whether he has defended a similar case as yours before as this means that he will be aware of your situation and will know how to go about representing your case successfully in a court of law. Another thing that should be clarified beforehand is his fees.

While criminal attorneys usually charge a higher fee than other lawyers, it should be affordable for you. So you should talk to him freely about your income and the amount that you can afford. But it is not advisable to argue about the fees as it will not do any good.

Once the fees have been agreed upon, you should get a written fee contract signed. A good criminal attorney Las Vegas will help you understand the minutes of criminal law and how the court functions. Also, in times of urgent need, for example, in case you are arrested by the police for a certain charge, you can use the one phone call that you are entitled to, to call your attorney to the station and to arrange for a bail. Hence, having a good criminal defense attorney to fight your case you is of utmost importance.

Choose The Right Deportation Lawyer To Avoid Being Deported

Nothing can be more humiliating than being deported from a foreign land where you want to live. Despite the fact that most deportation cases do not have a strong base, the immigrants fail to save themselves from getting ousted from the country of their preference mainly due to their poor choice of deportation lawyer. Choosing the right lawyer not only ensures the cancellation of deportation orders against an individual but can also help them to resume their life with dignity in the foreign land. When it comes to handling deportation cases in the most efficient manner, Manchanda-Lawis undoubtedly the most trustworthy and reliable law firm to be approached.

Deportation not only ruins your reputation but also takes a toll on your emotional well being, your finances and even your personal and familial relationships. This fact is well understood by the experienced lawyers working at Manchanda Law and hence they try to handle every individual case with extreme sensitivity and concern. They are well versed with the various aspects of deporting law under which a person is expelled from United States. They have ample experience and knowledge to understand the individual circumstances of each case and guide the clients empathetically.

The law firm is well known for its ability to help the clients in getting Cancellation of Removal, Waivers of Inadmissibility and Deportability, Political Asylum, and Withholding of Removal. The clients can meet the attorneys directly at their Manhattan office or interact with them through teleconferencing or even ask the attorneys to pay them a personal visit not only across USA but almost anywhere around the globe. Their dedication to serve their clients motivates them to remain abreast about the latest changes in the deportation laws and affect of these changes on their clients.

Manchanda-Law Offices PLLC, a leading New York Based law firm with many experienced and dedicated attorneys and legal professionals has successfully represented, advised, counseled, and assisted innumerable individual and corporate clients in Immigration Law, Deportation Defense, International Law, and Criminal Defense for almost 10 years.