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Changes in US Immigration During The Year 2011

The year 2011 has been one of many ups and downs for the US immigration. There were many notable changes that were brought about during the year 2011 and many were hot topics for debates all over the world. USCIS is the prime authority that caters to the immigration needs of the people. It has also witnessed remarkable changes over the past year in the way of new policy changes and increased facilities for applicants.

New US immigration acts/laws and policies

Help Haiti Act of 2010

This was successfully implemented in the beginning of the year 2011 by the USCIS to help the nationals who were affected by the natural disaster. As per the newly enacted law, USCIS was conferred with the authority to grant the status of permanent residence to certain categories of orphaned children who were paroled into the US.

Protection for Victims of Human trafficking

This allowed non-immigrant visa holders, who became victims of human trafficking, in the category of A-3 and G-5 visas to retain their status and work legally in the US. This was really helpful as the battered victims could continue to work even as their cases against their employers were still pending.

Some other changes are

Changes in US immigration Forms

Single card for both employment and travel authorization – Form I-485

Certain category of applicants who are filing in to adjust status or become permanent residents will be issued with a single card that will resemble an EAD but have an additional text – ‘serves as I-512 Advance Parole’

Centralized filing of Form I-130

From August, all the applicants who are submitting this form were requested to do so only at the USCIS lockbox facility at Chicago. This was brought about to increase the efficiency of the filing process and flexibility of the USCIS to manage its workload.

Other changes were

Extensions of existing privileges

Apart from the above mentioned, yet other changes in the US immigration system was the addition of certain countries to the eligible list for H-2A and H-2B programs, reaching the H-1B cap for 2011 and closing of its Vietnam office. Hope the ensuing year i.e the year 2012 is favorable for the US immigration and the people.

Immigration to Denmark – Visa Options And Requirements

Though Denmark is small in size, but the country has remarkable influence all over the world. In very short duration of time, the country has grown its modern economy and has widespread welfare system. Migration is not a bad idea for people aspiring to settle abroad.

Why should one settle in Denmark?

Immigration can be interesting and beneficial, because Denmark is a country where you can find everything. Climate is always mild. It has attractive tourist points, sparkling towns, medieval palaces, beautiful rural countryside, beaches and many more wonderful places. The country not only attracts tourists but also provides many job opportunities to the skilled professionals and workers.

Apply for Denmark green card and migrate to Denmark to experience its beauty.

Danish Green Card/Denmark green card

If you are looking for Denmark immigration then you need an entry pass to the country i.e. Denmark Green Card (Danish Green Card). The green card system is a point base system requiring the applicant to earn at least 100 points. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will get your visa in 6-12 months of your application. The green card visa permit is for 3 years. A continuous stay of 4 years in the nation will make you eligible for PR. The Green Card can be extended accordingly.

The eligibility criteria of an applicant are evaluated through the point’s calculator. The immigration consultants evaluate age, qualification and work experience of the applicant with the help of green card point’s calculator. You can score 100 points if you qualify on the following factors:

The applicant is eligible under the green card scheme if he/she meets all the above mentioned requirements. Also, bonus points can be earned on certain factors like education qualification from world’s top university etc.

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Manchanda Law Ultimate Solution to Overcome Illegal Immigration Woes

Are you a victim of an “illegal immigration” of United States and it has become really difficult for you to overcome such woes? Are you still facing the rut of being criticized as an unlawful resident of United States? Have you tried all your means to settle down in the country but found it useless? Well! Not anymore, as Manchanda Law offices become the reliable solution to it.

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And the one who gets failed to make to immigration process is due to improper knowledge about the paperwork and lack of awareness towards the immigration bylaws. It really becomes distressing for immigrant to face the intricate issues of being an unlawful resident of the country just because he failed to complete the legal formalities of migrating to different country. There are innumerable cases piled up in embassy that failed to get the approval of Immigration due to specific reasons.

As a result, people are seen struggling in the court to overcome such dreadful issues on average basis. There are so many reasons to deportation or rejection of the visa file by US government. It makes them disheartened for the approach they had followed to move abroad. It is considered completely unlawful to for a person to enter another country without holding the proper permission from its government. To keep such complications at bay it is important that one must hire a good lawyer or law firm.

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