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The I-751 Self-Petition From The Perspective of an Immigration Lawyer in NYC

Typically, when an alien applies for green card status off of his US citizen spouse and that marriage is less than 2 years old, he or she will get a 2-year conditional green card. During that 2-year conditional period, the green card holder enjoys the benefits of permanent residency. However, the green card is made conditional upon continued existence of the marriage two years from the date the green card was issued. 90 days before the conditional period is up, the beneficiary of the green card and the petitioner jointly submit an I-751 form to remove the condition on the green card. However, if the green card holder was separated or received a divorced from his wife within those two years, then that person may need to file the I751 self-petition in order to stay in the US. This is an incredibly complex application and it most certainly will help to talk to an immigration lawyer in NYC.

What Does One Need To Show Make A Successful I-751 Application?

In order to file a successful self-petition, an individual must prove that a divorce with the former sponsoring spouse has been finalized and show that the marriage was entered into validly and not solely for the purpose of evading immigration laws.

Are There Special Considerations Given to Victims of Domestic Violence?

Yes. A victim of abuse can file a self-petition as a spouse who suffered physical and/or mental abuse by the U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse.

What Sort of Evidence May Help In A Self-Petition?

Evidence of the validity of the former marriage is key to the self-petition. The following may be helpful:

Tax returns filed jointly by the couple during that marriageProof of common assets, including propertyEvidence of common bank accountsBirth records of children of the former petitioner and beneficiary

What Happens After The Petition Is Filed?

Frequently, an applicant is given an interview,which serves as an opportunity to prove the legitimacy of the marriage. These interviews can be very challenging and consist of heavy questioning regarding the validity of the marriage, so one must be attorney is allowed in such interviews, and it is advisable to seek the services of a lawyer if your case is not straightforward.

What If My I-751 Is Denied?

If a I-751 petition is denied, the petitioner can challenge the decision before an immigration judge in a removal proceeding. At such a hearing, evidence can be presented and witnesses can be called. As these hearings are adversarial, it is highly advisable that the petitioner seek the services of a Appeals Attorney in NYC.

Protecting Your Assets Using Immigration Lawyers and Asset Protection Laws

Protecting your assets for your business is very important today. Using immigration lawyers can help you with this process for setting up asset protection trusts and offshore accounts to provide you the ability to move your cash and other assets offshore when the need arises.

Immigration lawyers can offer you a variety of services today. Whether you are attempting to obtain a dual citizenship or setting up an offshore incorporation of your current business, immigration lawyers will be able to provide you guidance. While you may not be required to have a dual citizenship to obtain an offshore account, you will find that the immigration lawyers are able to provide you with that information.

Protecting your assets during tough financial times is very important both personally and professionally. Using the various options for asset protection might require the use of immigration lawyers to determine the need for citizenship or residency. Different countries do have different requirements for a number of things.

While many countries offer the ability to use asset protecting options, protecting your assets might be more difficult than simply transferring them to an offshore account. Immigration lawyers can help you to determine what requirements you will need to follow. Protecting your assets might only take setting up an offshore account or it might require that you obtain a dual citizenship.

Asset protection today is somewhat easier than it has been in the past. Today there are regulations governing what can be restricted and what cannot. For example, you might be able to obtain asset protection by opening an offshore bank account or setting up an offshore trust. Protecting your assets in this manner places them outside the jurisdiction of local courts.

Asset protection is done by placing the assets in an account that is not reachable by the courts. This means that they will not be required to release the funds or assets to the court. By protecting your assets in this way, you will need to wait until all of the court proceedings are finished before you can access those particular assets. However, you will be fully protecting your assets from seizure.

Immigration lawyers can be helpful for asset protection information as well. Many times asset protection will involve ensuring that the money or other assets are outside the reach of the local courts. There are several methods of accomplishing this task today including offshore bank accounts and trusts.

American Immigration Council’s Creative Contest

It is wonderful to see all sectors of US government keeps taking some steps to bring out the creativity of the nation’s youth. One such delightful contest was recently announced by American Immigration Council. A couple of months ago the council announced this contest and the immense response had kindled the council to extend the deadline to October 31st from April 17th which is a considerable duration.

What is the contest about?

This is a contest for young filmmakers and photographers. The contest is christened as “Change in Motion” multimedia contest which requires youngsters to submit multimedia projects to the council. The motive of the contest is to welcome youths to comprehend the part that immigration plays in their lives and the society around them through exploration. The multimedia should focus at portraying America and celebrating it as a nation of immigrants. The project should also elaborate the impact of immigration on the lives of people.

What is the prize and deadline?

American Immigration Council is not new to conducting such contests. Creative Writing contests were been conducted and surprised the winners with worthy gift. The Immigration council has announced a prize of $1000 to the first place holder, $500 to the second place holder and $250 to the third place holder. As mentioned above the extended deadline is 11.59 EST of 31st October. This is a perfect chance for contestants who started earlier to put in more creativity to their work.

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone who is interested in playing with photo essays and video projects between the age of fourteen and twenty five are eligible to enroll and submit their entries. Your technical skills need not speak more to grab the prize but your story and the way you tell and present it. Creativity exploration is more important than classy technical capabilities.

Time Limit and Application form

You are requested to box your creativity to fit into a time frame of not more than five minutes. Entries exceeding the time limit will be considered ineligible. You can either submit a signed completed application form along with your entries on DVD or CD to the American immigration council or upload your video to your own YouTube account and email to the council with the completed application form attached.

Criteria for Winning

The entries of the contestants will be evaluated based on six criteria which include creativity, concept, originality, relevance, aesthetics and technical execution of the other aspects. The entries are going to be judged by selective representatives of the American Immigration Council, the American Immigration Lawyers Association and some other eminent judges.

Now the ball is in your court and all you can do is start playing with it to taste a perfect win. Opportunities knock only once and it is wise to make use of the effort. It is not as tough as attending an Immigration test but as easy as watching a movie you love. So start enjoying the fun of the contest.