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NLRB Votes To Change Representation Election Proceedings

In another significant, recent development, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) which keeps an eye on unfair labor practices has voted to change its rules regarding representation election proceedings. Representation election proceedings are elections in which employees of a company vote on whether or not they wish to be represented by a particular labor union. The NLRB is responsible for administering such proceedings. By making the changes outlined below, the NLRB voted to shorten the time frame between the filing of an election petition and the actual representation vote of the employees. The new rules will likely make it easier for unions to win representation elections and more difficult for employers to communicate with employees prior to the vote.

Specifically, the NLRB resolved to prepare a final rule to be published in the Federal Register that makes the following key changes to existing representation election procedures:

First, current procedures providing for pre-election appeals to the NLRB from the actions of the Regional Director on the election petition will be almost entirely eliminated. The new rules will provide for a single, discretionary appeal of pre-election and post-election issues after the votes are cast. Only a narrow avenue for pre-election appeals will remain: a pre-election appeal to the Board will be allowed on those issues that would otherwise escape Board review entirely if not raised at that time.

Second, current requirements that a representation vote by the employees cannot be held sooner than twenty-five (25) days after the Board’s Regional Director issues a “Direction of Election” (an NLRB Order directing that the representation vote will occur and providing guidance regarding how it will occur) will be eliminated. This generally means that elections will be held sooner after the Direction of Election is issued than is typically the case under the old rules.

Third, the Board will clarify that pre-election hearings will be held only to determine whether a question concerning representation exists. At the hearing, the hearing officer has authority to exclude evidence that does not have relevance to a genuine issue of fact material to that issue. As a result, many issues of individual voter eligibility (as opposed to voting unit composition) may be deferred to the post-election procedures rather than litigated prior to the vote. The parties will only have a discretionary right to file a post-hearing brief.

Some of the more controversial provisions of the original proposed rule were not adopted – for the time being. These include: (1) the requirement that a hearing be held within seven days of the filing of a union’s representation petition; (2) permitting the union’s petition to be filed electronically rather than filing by hand or regular mail; (3) the requirement that the employer prepare and file a comprehensive “statement of position” on the union’s election petition no later than the date of the hearing, with any other issues being waived if omitted from the position statement; (4) the requirement that unions be given employees’ email addresses and telephone numbers prior to the election (as opposed to merely a list of eligible voters with the employees’ full name and residential address); and (5) the requirement that the voter eligibility list be given to the union within two work days of the Direction of Election instead of the current rule allowing seven work days.

Even though some of the more controversial provisions were omitted from the proposed rule, it is clear that elections will now be held more quickly after the election petition is filed, although the precise time frames will differ in each case.

The NLRB will proceed to draft a final rule and will “defer the remainder of the proposed rule for further consideration.” This means that the more onerous parts of the proposed rule will likely be considered at a later time.

You Need To Get Legal Representation When Faced With Auto Accident Issues

An automobile accident law firm is the place you ought to go to when you find yourself in need of legal representation regarding an auto accident. The implications of an auto accident are quite devastating, from the bodily harm or injury sustained by the parties involved, the cost of damages to property (the vehicles) as well as the medical costs that will be incurred in the aftermath. All these can be too much for one to handle even if they have a good insurance cover. To mitigate this, you need to have a good lawyer who will represent your side of the matter and ensure that you walk out of it with your shoulder high and, or get related benefits or compensations.

In an auto accident, the victims could be rendered immobile due to their injuries. If the victim’s mobility is compromised, he needs to have someone acting as his representative when it comes to the issues pertaining to the incident. In these cases, the contact information of lawyers is passed on by people to their families, friends and acquaintances. The compensation of the victim for all his pain and suffering from the incident will be given a higher chance if there is a lawyer to raise the facts of the accident. Let’s say that they decide to leave everything in the hands of the insurance company, chances are they won’t get any compensation at all, leaving the victim in the lurch. It is a lengthy process, not to mention the hassle of having to follow up with the insurance company constantly to see to it that the case is being given the attention it deserves. The advantage of hiring an auto accident attorney for the job is keeping tabs and being kept up to speed regarding the progress of the case.

The benefits and implications of hiring a bona fide automobile accident lawyer is something that is beyond the understanding of many people. They think they are ideal when you have an insurance cover, or you were in an accident; be it, you were the driver, passenger, or pedestrian. But that is not the case. An auto accident lawyer will provide legal services to everyone involved in the accident – both directly and indirectly – and give them legal advice on what channels to pursue and the options available to them.

The natural reaction of the parties involved in the accident would be to pin the blame on everyone other than themselves. If they want to get compensation for any damages or injuries, their best bet would be to go to an attorney. The need for an attorney becomes even more imperative if the accident was caused by your negligence since you have to protect yourself from having to pay a lot of money.

The information taken at the scene will work in your favor or against you depending on all facts that resulted to the accident. Therefore, the story that you give your lawyer should be the same as the one you gave to the police or whoever responded to the accident at the time. There should be no conflict whatsoever between the story you told your lawyer and the one that appears on the police statement – which you gave. It will then be used by the auto accident attorney to work on your case and make sure the results will be beneficial for you. If there are any underlying reasons that led to the accident, disclose them to the lawyer so that he or she can develop a defensive strategy for compensation.

Criminal Attorney Murfreesboro Offers Out of the Box Representation

People walk into the trial and beg responsible to the decision and settlement that is decided in the court. However, the matters which are legal and are faced by the people will have far reaching repercussions on life and then there would be no scope for any embarrassment. The only need at the particular time is of an aggressive, fearless and an unrelenting representation. A help from the professional legal team is required and that this representation will offer win. The criminal attorney Murfreesboro will help with the right presentation. The attorneys help in turning any bad situation and case into incredibly something good. They fight overpoweringly and passionately and become the voice of their clients. They use law to help the clients in protecting their rights.

The attorneys in Murfreesboro are very quick in getting back to the clients whoever contacts them and also revert back to the emails. They are also very patient with the clients and not the opposition side. They are assertive and are ready to take any kind of risks. The attorneys are very generous, understanding human beings. They comprehend the case and make it clear about the bad, ugly and good. In addition to this, the attorneys are creative people who believe in thinking outside the boundaries. The law firm of attorneys are individuals who are positive and energetic full of belief that any bad situation can be turned into a favourable situation with hard work and implacable representation.

The attorneys mostly focus on criminal law cases of family like divorce cases, child custody and support, alimony, property rights, domestic relations, etc. And business law in Murfreesboro include business dissolutions, trademark infringement, business disputes, business transactions, fraud, etc. The Criminal Attorney Murfreesboroalso take up criminal law cases like traffic violations, burglary, theft, drugs, weapons charges and many more. The attorneys therefore are experienced in quite a few wide areas and offer representation. For instance the child custody matter is taken up by the family law experienced attorneys and help is offered in the process. And if at all any other problem needs a representation, then the Murfreesboro attorney can be of a great help.