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Enlighten Yourself About The Benefits Before You Apply For US Citizenship!

A foreign national or citizen is granted the US citizenship by the naturalization process once they file the Form N-400 and fulfill the requirements. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the agency in charge and they process the application in order of its receipt.

Why to apply for US citizenship?

Duties as a US citizen includes:

Rights as a US citizen are listed below:

Other Benefits:

1) Consular benefits: During travel abroad the US citizen who is detained or arrested for any reason can take help from the US embassy or consulate.

2) Social service access: The option of social security and Medicare can be availed only by the US citizens.

3) Sponsor relatives abroad: Many visa requisitions require the applicants to be close relatives of US citizens, visas such as IR and F for family members.

4) Deportation protection: Deportation proceedings are not possible against naturalized US citizens since they are not considered aliens anymore.

5) Honors Eligibility: The USCIS created the Outstanding American by Choice Award to honor only the naturalized US citizens.

6) In the United States civic participation is not required. It is considered that the very indifference of most people does not allow for a quiet and strong political climate.

7) Dual Citizenship: US Citizens can be citizens of more than one nation. They do not lose their citizenship if they vote in an election in a foreign country or by becoming a citizen of a foreign country.

US campaign to promote citizenship

In its effort to encouraging eligible lawful permanent citizens to apply for US citizenship, the US government had launched a $3.5 million multilingual advertising campaign. It’s part of the $11 million for superior immigration integration allotted by the Congress. It was launched on May 30 and run through Labor Day. The immigrants of California, New York and Texas will be focused upon and the campaign will primarily run in these states. The print, radio and digital media will be used in this campaign in different languages such as Chinese, English, Vietnamese and Spanish. The 7.9 million immigrants eligible for applying for US citizenship will be targeted.

This campaign is first of its kind to be sponsored by the government to encourage people to apply for US citizenship and also stress the point that lack of English language knowledge is not an issue and also that they still have options to learn it. Another reason for the immigrants not to opt for applying for US citizenship is that they cannot afford the $680 application related fees.

Through the campaign they aim to explain the naturalization process in the other native languages also and also to explain that they have the option to download material online in their native languages in order to get them ready for the US citizenship test.

To apply for US citizenship the immigrants should be green card holders for at least five years, with good moral character and pass in both the civics and English tests. If they are married to US citizens they can apply quicker, after their third anniversary of wedded life. The citizenship gives them the right to vote, travel with American passport, serve on a jury and also petition for other family members to join them in US.

Diversity Lottery Visa Program – Enroll Yourself To Get US Green Card

Before people were thinking that if some one sponsor us or if we are already working in United States then only we can get US Green Card but now days Diversity Lottery is one of the valuable option to attain the Green Card. This lottery was introduced in 1990 and gives the chance to the people who want to live and work in United States. The official name of the diversity lottery is mentioned in many terms such as DV Lottery, USA Visa Lottery, American Green card Lottery & one more the Green Card Lottery.

As the Green Card Lottery program is the most awaited program every year because this is the the only program which allows people to get easy and legal permanent citizenship in USA and to obtain Green Card through the lottery is depends upon “How Lucky You Are ?” because millions of applicants participate from all over the world and only 50,000 Green Cards issued to the people from all over the world. The selection process is basically through the random computer generated lottery draw.

To obtain the Green card is the first goal for the people who are looking to live resides in the United states and they apply from different resources but unfortunately don’t turn their American dream into reality. For them Green Card Lottery is the valuable option. To be the luckiest winner of this lottery enroll yourself. You are might be thinking how to enroll its very simple and easy the application form is available online at but you have to follow some strict rules such as you are the one of the native of the qualifying country and other one is that you must match your education and training experience.

Whenever you enroll yourself the confirmation id given to you and with this id you can track your application or if you are the luckiest one you will be notified by emails or personal phone calls. If you win the Green card then you will have so many benefits such you can easily sponsor family members and relatives and you have legal right to live and work in United States.

In the nutshell I must say that the this lottery visa is the gateway for those who are dreaming to live in America. So don’t let this great opportunity pass by you. The DV Lottery(DV-2014) is open now and you should enroll today so that you could be listed in the lucky bunch of the people who are living resides in the USA.

Defend Yourself Criminal Charges With Kansas City Criminal Lawyer

When you are faced with serious criminal charges, then hiring an experienced Kansas City criminal lawyer will be an ideal way because your freedom and future depend on it. This is why finding a criminal defense lawyer in Kansas City who expert in this business and is prepared to go to trial for you is necessary. After taken actions against you can have a demoralizing effect on your life and the lives of your entire family. So it will be really a very serious matter.

When you are subject to an arrest for an offense, then there are some important points you must know. You should always request that your lawyer be present before you speak to police, and that is your fundamental right. You no need to accept or sign on any kind of confession. This can be used to the prosecution against you by police and legal officer during the trial. These are very important points that you should be aware of, and no matter what, always consult to a Kansas City criminal lawyer when you will arrest. You should aware with your legal rights. It must keep you safe from criminal law.

In most criminal cases, the police miss or ignore evidence or facts that may be helpful for you. Usually, they collect only the information they need to file charges against you. The police and legal officer are always against to you, but criminal defense lawyer will dig deep to ensure you get the support you justify.

Hire a talented Kansas City Criminal lawyer will be always favor in you because they know the all tact and techniques of the criminal laws of the entire state. If you are facing the serious criminal charges in the Kansas City then you can consult to a well-educated attorney, there are no charge for consultation and conversations to them. A number of people who did not contact to experienced lawyers in past they are still suffering from imprisonment sentence, while they were absolutely innocents. So I would like to advice to you that you must hire a well-qualified Kansas City criminal lawyer during the facing with criminal charges. It will be real advantages for you.

The lawyer who already have been practiced for more than one or two decades and know the head to tail about the law of Texas region can be helpful for you and he can get out to you from the charges as soon as possible. A number of people from this city know details about these lawyers and when need they consult to them. Most of them have a regular lawyer to always keep him safe from the state criminal law. These lawyers are expert in their profession and know the all trips and tricks of the federal law.