The Detectives

The A+A private investigation agency Ltd was started in the year 1962 by Mr. Albert and Mr. Thomas Recurrent stone columns and it was then made as a corporation. The name A+A speaks to furnish data and address Office of Investigation, which was the vital work in the 1960s. It was found that the work after the “Adressnachforschen” and the client never required further assistance to reach their goals. Thus the “Address Office of Investigation began to make investigative works and this led to become an agency of private investigators. In 1988, the agency of private investigators went into the administration of Mr. M. Ahrendt, who provided service to the clients efficiently until 2002.

The private investigators of A+A detective agency AG is constructed with a handful of carefully selected internally experienced and field staffs who perform tasks discreetly with making use of latest and modern technical methods at home and abroad. Our clients are private and legal personals who receive an information benefit by availing our services and take decisions with the knowledge of new truths and disproved conjectural. As the A+A private detective agency AG Ltd has long term presence, it has made network of professional investigators in an international level, which also facilitates us to work on issues globally.

Our private investigators have been made to focus on technological development for solving issues technically, as their progress will help us to make the procedures streamlined. This results positive in one hand regarding cost/benefit ratio, and on the other side it opens a new channel to gather information. We make use of modern technology for audiovisual transmission, documentation, detecting exact location of objects and people, and creating eavesdropping. For investigating economically, we have links with many databases and can deliver data shortly as soon as possible regarding individuals and trades.

Our services include investigation of evidence of funding for embezzlement, fraud and violation of restrictions, piracy, observation related issues, data related to business and all researches, confidentiality, evidences of funds for divorce, maintenance issues, thefts, persons or objects at home and evidences required by a court of law regarding a pending case. To avail our services, please do contact us without hesitation.

=> Our contact: A + A private detective agency AG,=> Wyss lane 6=> CH-8004 Zurich.=> Phone: 044 241 14 14=> Email: info@

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